In-House Cabling

The In-house cabling service allows to lay the communications cable in advance of the service usage. All precabling activities are performed by qualified Telepoint engineers in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Pre-cabling types

  • Internal - the cable connects a customer`s rack cabinet with Meet Me Room
  • External - the cable enters Telepoint premises and ends in Meet Me Room

Cable types

  • Optical SM (Single Mode)
  • Optical MM (Multi Mode)
  • Copper UTP
  • Copper FTP
  • Copper Coax


  • All cabling infrastructure is deployed in advance by qualified technicians
  • Helps for better cable management
  • Reduced risk of service delivery delay
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to unproper patch termination
  • Increased security - no need to open the customer`s rack cabinet in order to complete a cross-connect