Vision & Mission

Telepoint is, always has been and always will be a company that creates new, high-tech solutions and constantly seeks ways to add value to its services. Being our partner or customer, you can be sure that you will receive the best quality services and support.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal so that we do a lot of things to achieve it.

We focus on the technology, because we believe that it is important in our dynamic world. We are constantly trying new technologies in order to improve the operations, products and services we offer;

We rely on people, as the people are what is moving the business and the whole world forward. We believe that we have the best people within the company and we do our best on a daily basis and on a strategic level to stimulate creativity and productivity;

On a business level, we make sure that every asset within the company, including customer`s equipment, is protected and assessed against all known and possible threats. We have implemented risk management to our corporate culture and perform asset`s risk assessment at least yearly.

Considering the above mentioned, we - all people at Telepoint want you to know that our primary mission is quality of the products and the services, value and reliability.

We have got you covered!

Our Team

Andon Zlatev


Milen Goranov

Quality Manager

Simona Geneva


Martin Georgiev

Chief electrical engineer

Marina Toleva


Silvia Georgieva

Head of Legal department



TELEPOINT engineers developed the detailed technical design and launch road map of the facility in Sofia


TELEPOINT started to build its first co-location rooms -  A and B


TELEPOINT onboarded its first customers


First TIER 1 Networks and big hosting providers contracted TELEPOINT. First co-location capacity upgrade with Room C


TELEPOINT got ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified. Business customers reached 300 and Telecom operators - 50


TELEPOINT reached 95% saturation of its co-location space. New upgrade had started (Rooms D and E)


TELEPOINT doubled its power capacity up to 2500 KVA Additional Diesel Generator (1 MW) has been installed


TELEPOINT opened new co-location room (Room F) which extends co-location capability with 35%.


TELEPOINT became the fist neutral data center in Balkan region with PCI DSS compliance (chapter 9 and 12)


TELEPOINT started to build its new Data Center in town of Montana. The project is baked by EU Fund for "Innovation and Competitiveness Program"


Telepoint to open new Data Center Facility located in Eastern Sofia with more than 9000 sq. m. co-location space


Major player in the Telecom market chose Telepoint for its co-location provider in Eastern Europe


Telepoint has on-boarded more than 600 customers



Telepoint is a fast-growing company, one of the proved leaders in Telco industry. Do you know what the secret for our success is?
Along with high-tech IT and telecommunications systems, processes, equipment and solutions, which provide world-class services, our customers and partners have discovered in our face:






                                              Opportunities for growth




Yes, they highly appreciate the enthusiasm, intelligence, dedication and professionalism of our People.
At Telepoint, we strive to creativity, positivity, friendship and are open to new tech, new encounters, new world. Here we share our experience and have the freedom to express our selves, our knowledge, our ideas. We value our customers and partners. We KNOW that innovation is the key to success, to improve our life, our future. We believe that the advancement of the technology, in the hands of smart and upright people, will lead to high-value interpersonal and business relationships.
If you find yourself comfortable working within such environment and would like to be a part of our team, do not hesitate to send us your CV. You can do that in our Careers section.
In Careers section or you will find detailed descriptions of the requirements and responsibilities for each position. If there is no currently opened positions, you still can send us your CV and we will consider your application.

The recruitment process consists of the following steps: 

1. We consider all applications.
2. We invite, usually by e-mail, all short-listed candidates.
3. The interview is usually a two-step process. On the first interview all applicants are required to take a test, related to the position, they are applying for.
4. All successful applicants will have a final interview with our General Manager. (In rear occasions, some of the applicants are asked to have an additional interview).
5. We send an offer to the chosen candidates.
6. Accepting the offer and signing a contract.
7. Welcome onboard!

We highly respect everyone as a person and value the time spent to apply.