“Telepoint” from a small Bulgarian company to a growing business on a global level


Telepoint” starts from one room with ideal conditions for storing telecommunications equipment

Since its vision, through the difficult years, to a leadership position in the market, Telepoint is the modern “vault” whose units of exchange currency are the bits of data, the new currency of XXI century.

Such as the giants in the tech development like Google, which started activity in Susan Wojcicki’s garage during September 1998, and Amazon founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 initially as an online bookstore working entirely from his garage in

Bellevue, Washington,Telepoint also startedfrom one room with ideal conditions for storing telecommunications equipment. As it was then, so it is now that the company has a lot of know-how, which places it among the leaders in the field.

  • How dreams become reality


Telepoint begins its journey from a small but motivated team of young engineers in a rented room in the center of Sofia in 2007, which they design with optimal conditions for storing telecommunications equipment. The first two racks are rented by an international client, who is with Telepoint to this day, but now occupies an entire hall.


From the very first clients, the collocation of various hosting companies and Tier 1 Global internet networks, the following expansions and designing of new halls, to the building of two additional completely independent data centers. Now, with over 600 Bulgarian and international clients all over the world, Telepoint has established itself over the years as a regional data exchange center (peering point).


By facing all difficulties and turning them into opportunities, Telepoint’s humble team places a Bulgarian company at the world level, operating fully redundant, neutral Tier 3+ data centers and providing services in distributed geographical locations.


Over the years, the company has solidified its market position by providing a wide scope of colocation models, which range from space for single servers in a shared rack to subleasing client halls and options for renting private cages built to customer design.


In a field where continuity is key, Telepoint guarantees your Internet will never stop. In the event of a power grid failure, the companies’ data centers equipped with diesel backup generators, UPS devices connected in protected groups, and specialized rectifiers for constant voltage can ensure autonomous operation for days, weeks or months if necessary.


Furthermore, this is just the beginning in the technological world. We are about to take you into the wilds of the data transfer and storage business, which in itself is a journey into a world of exciting experiences, do not think data need to travel to you from China or the US to be able to view a high resolution video on TikTok, YouTube or another platform. You receive them from Bulgaria or another place nearby, through data centers such as Telepoint.