“Telepoint” from a small Bulgarian company to a growing business on a global level


“Telepoint” starts from one room with ideal conditions for storing telecommunications equipment

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Telepoint and PCI DSS v4.0: A New Benchmark for Data Security in Bulgaria


Established in 2007, Telepoint is a high-tech company that stands as a leader in colocation services with three state-of-the-art, neutral, and fully redundant data centers in Sofia and Montana, Bulgaria. Serving over 600 clients, Telepoint is a recognized

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Digital Gravity - Data as an Opportunity and a Challenge


Data possess a gravity, attracting more data. Bulgaria lags behind in the accumulation of big data compared to developed Western economies

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Andrey Rassiysky, Telepoint: Big Data is the Foundation for the Business of the Future.


The global market for big data and analytics is valued at $274 billion. Every day, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated worldwide, resulting in over 44 zettabytes of data in the entire digital universe to date. 70% of this data is gen

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Telepoint Joins the Sound of Money 2023


"The Sound of Money" is among the most recognizable and established economic and financial conferences in Bulgaria, attracting internationally recognized economists, finance managers, and business leaders over the years.

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