Telepoint Colocation Health Measures in regards to COVID-19


Dear Customers,

According to the national Epidemic State declared in Bulgaria and the requirements for restriction of the COVID-19/Coronavirus, we inform you that NOC Telepoint will continue to handle your requests:
- via email (,
- on the following phone numbers:
    +359893590195 – NOC Telepoint Sofia Center and NOC Telepoint Montana
    +359879207771 – NOC Telepoint Sofia East
- on site every work day from 00:00 to 24:00
- on site during the weekends and the bank holidays from 09:00 to 21:00

On site visits:
- NOC Telepoint allows up to 2 people per collocation hall at a given time.
- If the target hall has the maximum numbers of visitor at the time you arrive, NOC@Telepoint will ask you to wait a while util the hall is free.
- NOC Telepoint recommends:
    - To book your visit in advance on to avoid delays.
    - To be on time for your visit.
- NOC Telepoint will use infrared termometer to check your temperature before we grant you access to the collocation halls. NOC Telepoint will deny access to visitors with high body temperature.

We will notify you in case of a change.

Stay healthy!

The Telepoint team